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Walk Away Skow CD $10


Walk Away Slow CD

Dean had this idea to record an album of all acoustic songs that are really deep in content, seeking to share his heart and soul to his many friends and fans. Soon he discovered that that while he had an acoustic heart, his soul was electric. So,"Walk Away Slow" gives you the best of both worlds.

Hopefully, "Walk Away Slow" will paint you a picture of Dean Crawford, the world he lives in, his dreams, and his wishes for true happiness for all those that seek to find it.

1. Oh Yeah, That's Right
2. Sweet Angel Face
3. If You Believe
4. I'll Fly Away
5. Walk Away Slow
6. Sunshine
7. Someday My Ship Will Come In
8. What Do You Say
9. Love Hurts
10. In His World
11. Fall A Little More









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